Part One, General

1.1 Section Included

A. Computerized Lobby Directory System "Directtouch 2000" by Nelson-Harkins Industries Chicago Illinois

Contact us at 1800-882-8989 Fax: 1773-478-8227

1. Touch Screen computer directory system with CPU, monitor, keyboard and software

2. Cabinet to contain directory system

1.2 Quality Assurance

A. Use skilled engineers thoroughly trained and experienced in the configuration of touch screen computer
systems as well as their needs for proper installation of the work of this section

1.3 Submittals

A. Product date: provided within 15 working days after the contractor has been authorized by the owner to
proceed, submit

1. Product literature

2. Manufacturers specifications to prove compliance with the specified requirements

3. Shop drawings in sufficient detail to show fabrication, location of components, size of system
& pedestal base, installation

4. Manufacturers recommended installation procedures

Part Two, Product

2.1 Manufacturer

A. Specified items are the products of Nelson-Harkins Industries, Chicago, Illinois (773/478-6243) or approved

2.2 Requirements

A. Provide computerized touch screen directory system, mounted into a floor-mounted pedestal base. Directouch
2000 computer directory system with "Model C" floor kiosk and Directouch 2000 software and Directaccess data
management software as manufactured by Nelson-Harkins Industries, Chicago, IL

B. Equipment

1. VR 15C (15" diagonal) monitor with touchscreen

Options: VR 17C (17" diagonal) monitor with

FTP 15 (15" diagonal) active matrix panel (flat screen) with touchscreen

FTP 18 (18" diagonal) active matrix panel (flat screen) with touchscreen

2. SB 90xx SlimConfig computer with the following minimum configuration:

Pentium 233 processor

3.2 Gigabyte hard drive

1.44 floppy drive

Minimum 64 Megabytes RAM

Windows 98

C. Software

1. Directouch 2000 Master Control Programs

Automatic alphabetizing, sorting and linking between programs

ScreenLife+ (allows management to set to the time for the system to go dormant)

Auto Reset Program

Data transfer verification program

2. Display Programs & Graphic Development

Company Listings

Individuals Listings

Individuals cross-linked under company banner

Departments cross-linked under company banner

(1) custom initial logo screen with building logo and/or photo

Custom initial animation attract loop

Special announcements

Date & time

3. Directouch 2000 "Directaccess" Editing Programs

Menu-driven Windows-based editors for adding, changing and
deleting company listings

Menu-driven Windows-based editors for adding, changing and
deleting individuals affiliated with companies

Data management print program for printing directory listings

D. Kiosk

1. Provide kiosk base cabinet to house the Directouch 2000 monitor, computer and keyboard

Kiosk Type "C"

Size: 30" wide X 30" deep X 46-1/2" high

Complete with fan for ventilation

Access hole for electrical from floor

Holes for attachment to floor

Color to be selected from manufacturers standard finishes

Options: Kiosks "A," "B," "D," and "E"

Part Three, Execution

3.1 Preparation

A. Conditions prior to installation must meet prevailing temperature and humidity conditions
in the installation area

B. Electrical to be provided at the location site prior to installation. Two (2) floor mount outlets,
dedicated line if possible by the electrical contractor.

3.2 Installation

A. Install the kiosk plumb, level and true per approved mounting details

B. Computer directory system to be installed by manufacturers representative after kiosk
installation has taken place

C. Manufacturers representative will install touch screen, computer keyboard and all software.
On-site training will be provided at time of Directouch 2000 installation into the kiosk.

3.3 Warranty

A. One year from date of installation on site, parts & labor warranty on all hardware

B. Software warranty: in perpetuity